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About Kopi Luwak


The Most Delightful Coffee You Can Find

Kopi Luwak Coffee originates from the islands of Java and Sumatra, Indonesia, an area well-known for producing excellent coffees beloved by coffee drinkers. In the area, there lives a local small civet-like animal called Paradoxurus, or luwaks as named by the natives. These animals live on trees. The red, ripe coffee cherry is one of their favorite foods. They eat the cherries with beans together. The beans cannot be digested in the stomach of the luwaks. But instead, the beans go through a chemical reaction with the digestive systems to have a special fragrant. The beans then come out from the digestive systems intact and are collected by the natives. After a special roasting procedure, the beans become one of a kind coffee bean named "KOPI LUWAK'.

The name carries "LUW AK' because the beans must go through the digestive systems of those luwaks to have such special fragrant. As a result, the annual quantity produced is limited. In addition to the special fragrant, the coffee also gives a silky smooth feeling in your mouth. If made right, the coffee produces satisfying taste together with the fragrant in your mouth. It also gives you delightful after-taste. This "KOPI LUW AK" is a must-have experience in your life.

The Process Of Modulating The Civet Coffee

The process of modulating the civet coffee requires special skill. You can get three levels of tastes.

First Cup:
Strong aroma with rich taste but without bitterness and full of after taste

Second Cup:
Marginally decrease in aroma but smooth taste with sweetness increasing

Third Cup:
The Aroma translates into tea with honey smell and after taste is long and supple

The three brews of civet coffee exhibit distinct level of tastes of aroma, supple and long after taste, but thick glycol. It is actually a rare boutique.

It is no wonder that in the movie “The Bucket List” the last wish of the dying billionaire was to drink a cup of civet coffee.

The Health Benefits & Coffee Unknown

Coffee is the second largest beverage after water, heart care, cancer prevention, liver protection, aid digestion, but it must be black coffee, no sugar, creamer & other junk.

Cardiovascular medicine experts told reporters that caffeine can improve left ventricular systolic function and coronary blood flow, and therefore the amount of drinking coffee can protect the heart, reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease.

The Cancer Hospital of nutrition experts recommend coffee contains polyphenols are powerful antioxidants. Drink coffee every day; whether it is cancer prevention or treatment of cancer have a certain effect.

Coffee is rich in polyphenols have a protective effect on the liver. Experts suggest that patients with hepatitis drink coffee every day, very well on the repair of liver cell.

Many studies have shown that people who drink coffee, the lower the incidence of type 2 diabetes. Because of a substance in the coffee can reduce the rate of intestinal glucose absorption, change the site of absorption of glucose.

Department of Gastroenterology, MD, told reporters that people who love to eat meat the best after dinner cup of coffee, have a good oily solution to help digestion. In addition, the content of soluble dietary fiber in coffee is high orange juice; caffeine can also stimulate the intestinal tract and accelerate the peristalsis. Therefore, a cup of coffee alleviates constipation.

Coffee drinkers drinking will feel happy, less irritability, a sense of mood improved.

University of Georgia study shows that drinking two cups of coffee after exercise, to help ease the symptoms of muscle soreness.